Sunday, August 31, 2008

Taking back our neighborhoods, one street at a time.

On Friday night we met new neighborhoods east of Stark on SE 76 who have been so frustrated and unfortunately now feel unsafe because one house has been able to thrive and become a criminal base camp. (You can watch a bust of that house back in July, on our video links to the right). That house has recently sprung up to be a close outpost for the crime that originates on 82nd.

Ever since we have been active with Montavilla In Action, we have been talking with and sympathizing with our local neighborhood officers. They have repeatedly listened to us and came back with solutions that they can currently do to address crime without the PFZ. Friday's event was a great example how they went above & beyond to help these neighborhoods. It was a great, many turned out - all frustrated at how they do not feel safe on their own blocks. One lady in particular lives across from the house and has lived there over 40 years - unfortunately over the last 6 months she has been threathened by the pimps and drug dealers that crash at the house.

Media was at the event and even did a live feed from the event for the 6pm news.
Kate the Manager from Safeway was in attendance and provided refreshments. Kate has been a great community member she has gone out with our Montavilla Foot Patrol and has been working closely with the police. We urge you to please frequent the Safeway on NE 82nd - many of us have stopped and drive to their other locations. Starbucks provided coffee and too have been active in keeping the FuBon shopping center & parking lot safe.

Once again please thank our neighborhood officers for all of their hard work & for the increased presence and all of their efforts. The police can only do so much since the Mayor took the PFZ away, they are stepping up efforts and we appreciate that. Please email & thank them. Chief Rosie Sizer: Commander Mike Crebs:

Please especially thank Lieutenant Vince Elmore: (Lt Elmore has been very active in helping our communities - he is a great leader and we applaud his efforts. He worked in NE Portland a few years back and was key in taking back that neighborhood from criminals - he realize how important it is to send a clear message to criminals. He spearheaded Friday's event. Please thank him.

We'll be at the Montavilla Farmers Market today gathering more signatures to our petition.
Have a great holiday weekend.

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The Mason Family said...

What great support from Lt. Elmore - he spoke to me & my family and he truly cares.

Crime has taken over 82 Ave. ever since the PFZ was allowed to sunset. We are finding more and more criminals move in closer to their place of employment, Ave of Roses.

I appreciate all that Lt. Elmore & the neighborhood officers are doing, but it needs to come from the top down.

Sam Adams please wake up and give the support they need, do not give Mr. Leonard and jurisdiction over the Police Dept. he has many issues to resolve in the Water Bureau.

Thank you Portland Police!