Saturday, August 2, 2008

Meet you at the Market!

Tomorrow on Sunday Aug.3rd members of Montavilla in Action will be at the Montavilla Farmers Market to talk with our fellow friends + neighbors about our concerns and we will be asking for your help + support. We will have copies of our petition that we hope to get tons of signatures on. We will also be handing out this doublesided handout which explains the issue of why we want to reinstate the PFZ & on the other side is important info on the Montavilla Foot Patrol, Neighborhood Assoc. Mtgs, the Non Emergency Police #, etc.

Please keep an eye out for us - we'll have the clip boards - also if you would love to join us we have extra copies of the petitions for those to help us gather signatures. We want to get as many signatures of the 1500 on average attendees to the Market each Sunday. We will also be canvasing the local businesses in the area & ask them too to please sign the petition.

Look forward to seeing you there...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a place for us to begin to address this issue. I signed the petition on Sunday, and was frankly relieved to find that this problem was not just disturbing to me. This is a great community, and we do need to reclaim it for us, our children, and our neighbors. I will be calling the police, even to report the incident that occurred outside our back fence a couple of weeks ago. One quick suggestion... the reader that you posted the document in is very difficult to use. Any chance you could just save it as a PDF and attach as a link in your blog. Could you also include the non-emergency phone number to call. I will then forward the blog post to all my neighborhood friends.

Montavilla In Action said...

THANK YOU for your support.
Unfortunately there are many neighbors and feelings feeling the same way - we have to get active.

The Non Emergency Number is 503.823.3333 - press #2 then #2. Call each & every time you see crime happening.

It was interesting yet unfortunte, many people we spoke to at the market yesterday said they have the Non Emergency number now programmed into their cell phones since they are now calling it so often.

With regards to the pdf you unforttunately can't post pdfs directly into "blogger" so you need a site to host them = if you click on it you can zoom in & you can save or print it. If not just email us at & we can email you the pdfs directly.

Thank you again.