Saturday, September 20, 2008

THANK YOU!!!! What a great success!

Thank you to all of our friends and neighbors that came out today to make a stand for safety in OUR neighborhoods. We all came together to RECLAIM 82nd Avenue and to take back OUR streets! Please look for all the local news coverage on tonight's news channels, all of the local media outlets were there today. (a video of the march to follow with a later posting - check out media links to the right.)

We wish to thank many generous people & businesses that made this March a huge success:
First and foremost our local neighborhood officers & especially Lt. Vince Elmore for the police support and activities today. As well as Jane Ames, Mayor-elect Sam Adams' Senior Policy Advisor who came out today & marched with all of us...

Others that we wish to truly thank:
· Starbucks at FuBonn Market – coffee and pastries
· Tim Leitner Construction – signs and manpower

· Bob F. - signs
· Beets Auto Body – use of their adjoining property to Montavilla Farmers Market for petitioning and cash donation
· Flying Pie Pizza – pizza, in store petition station
· Stark St Pizza – pizza
· Academy Theatre – coupons for your use after the march
· Atlas Auto – balloons and manpower
· BiPartisian CafĂ© – in store petition station
City Blessing Church – use of podium and overall community support. First to allow us to set up petition station at festival

· Safeway - for allowing us to end our March on their site & complimentary refreshments.

What a great day, we want to keep this momentum up and truly revitalize our neighorhoods and especially 82nd Avenue. As soon as we are able to get the City to truly address the prevalent crime, we want to work on saving our current business along 82nd Avenue & work on gettting new, well-needed businesses on the Avenue. Please help us, email us to get involved.

We are planning a larger community event soon to thank all of you, stay tuned for details. In the mean time many of you made great signs, many of you are posting them in your front yards. We recycled all of them & if you wish to have your sign to do the same please email us & we'll deliver it you.



The McKee Family said...

What a great day, what a great event.

It was great to meet neighbors and realize that we are NOT alone.

I hope the City deals with this problem on all levels on the first left is safety!

What a great event.
The McKee Family

The Lopez Family said...

Montavilla In Action should be proud of their efforts. Our neighborhoods need more "squeeky wheels". We loved all of the cars beeping with the thumbs up.
People are fed up.

Let's keep it up.

A.Taylor said...

Yay... what a great event.
Thank you to all that made it happen. We live in South Tabor but we are all united in this.

We are still collectioning petitions to reinstate the PFZ, we suggest others please do the same.

Need the PFZ back until all of these other "proposals" are working.

Thanks again + take care,
A. Tayor

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I live in So. Tabor and have noticed a increase in prostitution. We are also noticing more drug deals going on. One place the police may want to check out more is the Briarwood Suites on 77th and Powell Blvd. Lots of prostitution activity going on there in recent weeks. In plain daylight, it's all happening around there.

Thank you again for your efforts!


Montavilla In Action said...

Thank you Sue.
We will pass along your info to the loacl officers that we are in direct contact with.

We do NOT want to push this crime around.

Montavilla In Action

Anonymous said...

Thank you for passing the information along to the officers.

We're beginning to see more and more of this activity. We love this area and are sad to see this happening. I've bookmarked this blog and hope to join you at some future events!