Monday, October 27, 2008

Congrats Commisioner Saltzman!!!

This is GREAT News!!!
Commissioner Saltzman is a great leader, very thoughtful and he truly looks at issues from all sides. He recently met with our group and as been a vocal advocate for our efforts. We look foward to working with him in 2009.

Mayor-elect Adams names Dan Saltzman police commissioner
In The Oregonian:

Posted by Helen Jung October 27, 2008 08:58AM

Helen Jung/The OregonianMayor-elect Sam Adams, left, announces his pick, Commissioner Dan Saltzman, center, to oversee the police bureau. Chief Rosie Sizer, right, praised the appointment.Mayor-elect Sam Adams today named Commissioner Dan Saltzman to oversee the city's Police Bureau.
Adams credited Saltzman's "steady hand," discipline and experience in public service, saying that Saltzman's leadership "will allow Portland's next mayor to focus on some very pressing priorities."

Adams had been considering appointing City Commissioner Randy Leonard to oversee the department. But conflicts between Leonard and Police Commissioner Rosie Sizer led Leonard to withdraw his name last week.
"Rosie will continue to be our police chief with Dan as police commissioner," Adams said.

Adams said that he wants to focus on high school dropout rates, assisting families working "poverty-wage" jobs and preparing the area for population growth in schools, jobs and transportation. He said he will limit Saltzman's portfolio, so that he "can be a nearly full time police commissioner in a way a mayor never could."
"In his unassuming but forceful way, Commissioner Saltzman's decade of accomplishments and passion for the personal welfare of those in need make him a great fit for police oversight," Adams said.

The mayor-elect also announced that he plans to take charge of the office of emergency management.
Sizer applauded the move. "Commissioner Dan Saltzman has a long history of commitment to public safety, particularly the safety of the most vulnerable in our community -- children, the elderly and victims of domestic violence."

She added that she appreciated Leonard's "interest in public safety," noting efforts to secure extra jail beds and services for drug offenders.


Adam Morris said...

We are were so happy & relieved when Mr. Leonard "bowed out" Dan will make a great champion for the livability & safety of all of our neighborhoods.

The Weinstein Family said...

We too are ecstatic that Dan is the Man! Great leader, strategic thinker, very proactive not reactive like Ranty Randy!

Hopefully we can make out streets safe again, especially the Max & bus lines and of course 82nd Avenue!

Congrats Commissioner Saltzman!

The Conway Family said...

This is very great news.
We were very worried about the mere idea of Mr. Leonard overseeing the Police Bureau.

Now to hear not only did Randy remove his baseball cap from the ring, a class act like Mr. Saltzman was finally recognized for his achievements.

Thank you Mayor-elect Sam.
Here's to a new year of positive and proactive change.