Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fatal stabbing over prostitution @8pm last night on SE 82 & SE Morrison.

Fight over prostitution leads to fatal stabbing
02:06 PM PDT on Saturday, August 16, 2008
A man who flagged down police after being stabbed on Friday night, died from his injuries on Saturday.

22-year-old Christopher Darrell Richardson died after he was stabbed Friday night near S.E. 82nd Ave in Portland.
Police said that 22-year-old Christopher Darrell Richardson flagged them down around 8:15 p.m. Friday near S.E. 82nd Avenue and S.E. Morrison Street.
Richardson had been stabbed in the chest and was taken to OHSU for treatment where he later died.
The suspect, 19-year-old Donyel Hormats was still at the scene and was taken into custody.
Homicide investigators said that the victim and suspect had been involved in an altercation for several days. They believe that the fight involved prostitution activity.

19-year-old Donyel Hormats was arrested at the scene of the stabbing.
Hormats has a history of arrests for prostitution.


Joesph & Marianne said...

Mr Leonards, Mayor Potter - PLEASE WAKE UP.

The crime of prostitution has reached a critical & desperate level in our neighborhood. This fatality is yet another example of it!

My kids & I were going to walk up to Bugerville last night around 8pm - we would have witness a brutal murder or worse be caught up in it. Glad we are still avoiding 82nd because of the crime & safety issues and not supporting any of the business - it may have vsaved our lives.

Randy - where are those "real solutions" you promised last Sept 2007 when you lifted the ordinance?

Perhaps if we put duct tape all ove 82nd you would focus your efforts - Mr Leonard?

Here's to a great rest of the summer!

The Conway Family said...

How sad - not only is this crime of prostitution now being openly traded for sale, a blatant free trade of these women daily, now there has been a killing over it.

It was only a matter of time, this crime has been steadily growing since the PFZ was lifted, we have been asking for help all year long. Whatelse will have to happen before the city recognizes that the PFZ needs to be reinstated & enforced? There has to be a strong campaign done that states Portland does not tolerate this crime & that we now have stricter/harshers enforcement of the johns & pimps.

Anonymous said...

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DONYEL said...

this is Donyel the PROSTITUTE I would just like to say that I'm not on METH and I never was but I was confronted with a situation that had me thinking that I might not get out of this shit alive but for u to sit there and say that Im on drugs stop trying to justify the simple fact that I was walking by myself and you and your friends jumped out on me in your car and tried to have that lil gurl fight me man you say your a gang banger WELL RESPECT MY GANGSTA

bitchesnhoes said...

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