Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank you Beets & KPTV.

Well since the Montavilla Farmers Market will not have a Community Booth at the Market this year (thru the remainder of Oct 5) & we do strongly hope that they have one next year - starting June 2009 - Beets have allowed us this week & beyond to set up a booth adjacent to the Market in their lot! Thank you Beets!!!

Once again we were out there today & many of you came out specifically to sign our petition to reinstate the Prostitution Free Zone. It is tragic that a murder occurded just 2 night ago at 8pm right in our community and the accused is a 19 yr old prostitute. This is just another example of how drastic and critical this level of crime has taken over 82nd since the PFZ was lifted last September. We are asking the city to reinstate the PFZ under an emergency status - we also ask that they please look at other solutions/tools in conjunction with the PFZ.

Priority reasons as to why the PFZ should be reinstated (under emergency status):

>>1. The research that the Mayor cited when lifting the ordinance did not even mention prostitution once, in the entire 18 pg doc. It was lumped with the issues surrounding DFZ's enforcement.

>>2. According to the NRT - calls regarding prostitution have quadrupled since last year this time. Cause & Effect - Zone is gone = crime has grown considerably & taken roots
>>3. We the citizens around 82nd Ave. are having our safety compromised each & every day (read our blog to hear comments from your neighbors - how neighborhood women are being threatened, neighborhood young girls/children are being propositioned in broad daylight).
>>4. Crime from all over is coming to 82nd – it is well documented that many of women are being trafficked from Seattle, LA and beyond to work on the avenue due to our laxed laws. Johns from all over the State & WA state are coming to our neighborhoods.
>>5. Until Randy Leonard's "real solutions" are in effect we need to immediately stem the crime that has taken over our communities.

KPTV came out to the Market today to cover our efforts - they are commited to drawing attention to our neighborhood and the safety and livability issues we are now facing daily.
There should be a report tonight starting with the 5pm news. Thank you KPTV we appreciate your efforts!


Peter said...

I was just driving on 82nd and it was crazy to see how blatant the prostitutes were. I stopped at a stopsign on 82nd and SE Hawthorne and a prostitute came up to my car and was trying to proposition me.

I called the non emergency number and they said that a patrol car was on 82nd and Burnside dealing with another issue regarding a prostitute.

This is ridiculous. I am from Chicago - this is not tolerated in people's communities. The laws enforce the crime. Chicago like other big cities realize you are not going to solve the "world's oldest profession" but first and foremost is the fasfety of the community and you are not goung to let crime take over a neighborhood - which unfortuntealy it has in a very short time since the PFZ was lifted. Wake up Portland, reinstate the PFZ and enforce the demand - harsher penalties for the johns.

How about my daughter's safety? said...

Mr. Leonards & Mayor Potter,

I have decided to put duct tape all over 82nd to indicate which pimps own which blocks, now will you make it a priority?!? See since you lifted the PFZ organized crime has taken over 82nd and grown substaintal roots. Our neighborhoods are being caught up in a turf war.

Still waiting on those solutions that were promised last September, now a year later my 12 year old daughter has been proposition just walking to 78 and Stark in broud daylight.

Friday night we couldn't turn down our block at 7:30pm because a convicted prostitute stabbed a man to death right there on our street.

When are you going to realize that you did no research whatsoever on the PFZ and it's effectiveness? It was an afterthought lumped with the DFZ, your researcher even has stated this.

Time to re-evaluate, actually time to evaluate since there was no formal evaluation of the PFZ. Due to the emergency status of the situation the PFZ should be reinstated under emergency status - in anything to just steam the current flow of crime until your "real solutions" are in affect & funded.