Sunday, August 10, 2008

Montavilla Community (Foot) Patrol on the news.

Please click here and see the coverage (video) by KGW of Brian and the Montavilla Community (Foot) Patrol. It aired last night and today - since KGW went along with the group on patrol last night. Brian and the group should be very proud of what they have accomplished in a few short weeks. Both of our groups have formed & mobilized since we saw the urgent need to take action now. Unfortunately as we now approach the 1 year anniversary of the end of the PFZ (Sept 27, 2007) we have seen in a very short time how crime, especially prostitution has formed substaintial roots and is flourishing in our neighborhoods. We cannot wait, we must push for an emergency reinstatement of the PFZ. We urge that other groups especially the Montavilla Neighborhood Assoc please join us and back the petition and get active in outreaching to the other Neighborhood Assoc & Biz Assoc - we all must unite. Please help us.

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Save 82nd!!! said...

Thank you Foot Patrol for taking the time and drawing attention to this increased crime issue. I didn't like the reporter's intro "Not in my neighborhood..." that is not correct, we don't want this blatant & victimized crime to happen anywhere.

Thank you Mr. Womg and all of your fellow patrolers.

We hope to join you one night.
Thank you.
Diane + Robert