Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thank you for being so supportive.

We had a great day at the Market today. Since we didn't have access to a community booth at the Market we made our own spot working out of the back of one of our car's - old school, grassroots style. It's amazing that in just 1 weeks time how many of you had heard about us or have already visited our blog - thank you. Many of you eagerly grabbed the pens out of our hands before we could even talk. Tomorrow our group will be attending the Montavilla Neighborhood Assoc and we are asking them to please back the petition. However in talking wiih many of you in Rosewood or South Tabor, Lents, Mount Tabor, etc - we have stressed & will push that all of the affected Neighborhood Assoc to unite since 82nd Avenue's crime is a ripple effect.

Just wanted to remind you that you can still download the petition here (click), along with the handout - click here and gather signtures yourself just email us & we can arrange for pick up. Thank you again.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting together this effort. The Roseway neighborhood is located in close proximity to many of these issues.