Saturday, August 9, 2008

See you at the Market - tomorrow Aug 10th.

We will be at the Montavilla Farmers Market tomorrow - we look forward to seeing you there. We will be on the sidewalk since the Board of the Mrkt decided not to have a Community Booth for the remainder of the Market's season(thru Oct. 5). They cited many reasons for the denial-time being one of them, which we truly understand. We were hoping to HELP make this happen asap, we also volunteered our services & time if needed, to make a well needed collective Community booth for perhaps the Montavilla Neighborhood Assoc & Biz Assoc, Foot Patrol, updating neighbors on local events, issues (PFZ), etc. We hope that the Market is able to allow a Community Booth or even 2 (many local farmers markets have 2) for next year (June 2009). See you tomorrow at the Market!

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Merilee said...

We should have a booth at the market, I would love to leave fliers from the PTA of Bridger to alert the community to all of our events. That is unfortunate we have wait until next June 2009, where is the can do attitude.
I'd help man the booth or whatelse is needed?