Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a great day in the park!

Thank you Oregon City Blessing Church for allowing us to share in such a wonderful day with you and your community today. What a great event that you provide for the neighborhood - especially for the children. To supply well needed school supplies for free and all of the fun activities today (the puppet show was very entertaining) is such an amazing endeavor on your part and should be well-commended. Once again we THANK YOU (especially Lisa) for allowing us to set up a table and outreach to our neighbors. We look forward to next year's!

Once again it was great to talk to our fellow neighbors, however we've heard far too many additional "horror stories" today - "one mother said while walking in the area with her 3 young children, cars have slowed down & propositioned her many times and unfortuntely she is looking to move".

Another mom said her young daughters ages 14 & 11 have been propositioned several times in the middle of the day.

Hearing these stories make us want to work even harder to make an emergency reinstatement of the PFZ ordinance happen sooner. It needs to happen. We've had a great response to our petition. Please email us & help us.

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Ron and Carol said...

It is great to hear about the reception received by Montavilla in Action at the community fair. BUT......It is heart wrenching to hear about a family wanting to move because they are fearful for their kids. This should be one of the things that will push us all even more to get our neighborhood cleaned up. To those who haven't joined in and printed off a petition, please do it today. We can do this. It isn't a lost cause, it is something that has creeped in here and we all see it now. The next step is to get on board and help. My experience at the Montavilla Farmers Market last week was very gratifying. Hardly could finish my explanation of the petition and people were taking the pen to sign. Thank you was a common thing said to us for getting the petitions out there curculating. By the way, If you can't get the petition to print, don't have a printer, write to, we will get one to you.