Friday, August 8, 2008

See you at the Kids Carnival this Saturday!!!

Last week at the Montavilla Farmers Market we spoke with many families about the daily crime we see each & every day. Many of us in our group are parents and grandparents. While speaking with familes last week we resorted to spelling "P-I-M-P-S" and abreviated to "Pros" for prostitutes, etc. in front of their wee ones. One dad last week even joked "I love seeing & talking about Hookers in front of my kids".

One other dad told us how he was recently driving at 7pm one night stopped at a stop sign to let a prostitute cross and she took that as a cue to get in and she tried to open the door to get in his car with his 2 children in their cars seats in the back!!!
One mom who works in the area mentioned that she was walking with her 11 yr old daughter and a man in a car slowed down and tried to proposition her right off of SE Stark in the middle of the day!
These stories break our hearts - help us make our neighborhood safer for all of us especially for our children. This Saturday Aug 9 from 11-3pm @Montavilla Park - the Kids Carnival has graciously allowed us to set up a table at their fun filled event. Please come & help sign our petition to reinstate the Prostitution Free Zone ordinance and get active. Please help us we definitely need more volunteers.

More info on the Event: In 2006, Oregon City Blessing Church hosted its first ever Kid's Carnival. Over 250 attended and over 200 boxes filled with school supplies were given away to kids in the community. Everyone had such a great time with all the games, puppet shows, and music that they had to do it again. Come and join in the fun this summer, August 9th at Montavilla Park between 11am-3pm. For more info, visit
See ya at the fair!


Stephen said...

That is great. I'm glad you folks are going to have a booth at the Kids Carnival. We need to get the word out so people can get involved.

I attended the Safety Summit planning meeting last night at City Blessing, and it went really well. Hopefully Justin Cutler or Jack (I forgot his last name) will post the minutes on the Yahoo Group, or at least a summary of what was discussed. It's going to be in early fall, so keep your ears open.

Have you talked with Tracy from Central Bible Church about setting up a booth at their Montavilla Community Fair? That would be another great opportunity to spread the word.

Montavilla In Action said...

THANK YOU CITY BLESSINGS CHURCH for allowing us to set up a table today.

What a wonderful event for the community and especially the kids.