Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Supersize Security.

Hello all - this is on our handout of "6 things that you can do to become active": #5 >>>COMPLAIN TO BUSINESSES THAT ALLOW CRIMINAL ACTIVITY - McDONALD’S - 8149 SE STARK, PORTLAND, OR 97215

This location has turned a blind eye to the crime activity happening at their location, allowing drug deals to happen in their restaurant, allowing prostitutes to be picked up/dropped off in their parking lot. It's become a criminal base camp. We need the community to call/email & complain to the both the local franchisee owner and to the corporate site. They need to step up their efforts - get security guards patrolling inside & outside especially the parking lot and based on the complaints and what we have witnessed this security is needed 24 hours. They need to install additional security cameras and better lighting - they need to truly step up and address the issues.

While we are at it...

Also what about utilizing all of their parking spaces that are usually empty, (except when the drug activity - drops/handoffs occur) - the spots closer to SE Ash + SE 80 and creating an outdoor playstructure - which they don't have?
Lastly according to their website they do not have free wi fi at this location but they do at the majority of their Portland locations.
Please take a minute or two to outreach to both the francisee owner & corporation.
>Local franchise owner:
Pres. Mike Kennedy / Double K Ventures Inc 503.598.9995 8255 Sw Hunziker St #203, Portland, OR 97223
>From their corporate website:
How do I share feedback about a recent visit to a U.S. McDonald's restaurant?
There are three ways to share a comment, question, complaint or praise with McDonald's.
>>Call us. 1-800-244-6227
>>Email us. To send us an email, please choose the most appropriate subject/category describing the purpose of your message and fill in the appropriate text boxes. Doing so will better enable us to respond to you as quickly as possible. http://apps.mcdonalds.com/contactus/navigate.do?link=restmatters
>>Write us. Our U.S. corporate mailing address is: McDonald's Corporation, 2111 McDonald's Dr, Oak Brook, IL 60523

Thank you.


Daniel said...

I called + emailed - they are multi billion dollar corporation they need to be accountable for their property + premises.

Call and email OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!

SE Precinct said...


McDonalds at 8149 SE Stark St has signed a TRESPASS AGREEMENT with the Portland Police Bureau. This agreement gives the PPB the ability to kick people off of the property (parking lot included) that do not belong. McDonalds expressed that they are sick and tired of the prostitution/drug activity as well, and are "willing to work with the police in any way that they can".

This is a significant step. PPB will continue to work with the store owner/managers to help deter the current criminal activity that is taking place on and near the property.

Ofc. Stephen Mirau
Neighborhood Response Team
Southeast Precinct
4735 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97215
Office: (503) 823-1274
Fax: (503) 823-5074

Stephen said...

I contacted both companies. If every concerned citizen registers a complaint, I believe we will see quick action.

SE Crime Prevention said...

Just an brief update about McDonald's -
Neighborhood Response Team Officer Steve Mirau and I met with the 82nd and SE Stark Street McDonald's management on Thursday, July 24, 2008 and they were willing and anxious to work with the police, crime prevention and the community about the drug and prostitution problems on and near their property. McDonald's signed a trespass agreement with Southeast Precinct at that time. For more information about the trespass agreement contact NRT Officer Steve Mirau at 503-823-1274 or smirau@portlandpolice.org.

Katherine Anderson
Crime Prevention Program Coordinator
Southeast Portland
I/O: 333/Southeast Precinct
503-823-3432 office

mia said...

Thank you for all the efforts and update. I work on Stark, live in the neighborhood and walk my dog around a lot. I hope to go to the neighborhood meeting on Monday and will print out a copy of the petition and leave it at my office for people to sign.

Shawna said...

Thank you for the info. I have contacted McDonalds via their website with a complaint and will be doing so by phone tomorrow as well. As a board member for Montavilla Little League, we routinely call the non emergency number with license numbers, makes and models of cars, descriptions of the girls and so on. We usually get pretty quick results. There usually isn't an arrest, but at least the johns and pros are aware we as parents won't tolerate it. We are very blatent about it. We make it known that we are reporting it, even telling the firls that we are calling. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but some is better than none.

Laura said...

Thank you, Montavillainaction, for providing all the infomation needed to fill out the comments form. I just followed your link to McDonald's website and submitted my complaint.


Brian said...

I called Double K Ventures and they were less than receptive to my
call. The secretary told me to call the police if I see that
activity on their lot. I pointed out that their lot is private
property and as a good corporate citizen they should police their own

I also pointed out that Burgerville down the street, selling a
similar product in a similiar fashion did not have the same problem
they did for they simply have loitering person move on.

I asked them to please monitor their property and hire a security
service if they felt uncomfortable.

I hope others are having more luck.

Thanks for your help Montavilla In Action!!

Anonymous said...

I used to take my kids over to Wendy's a lot but have seen a big increase in pros there... the staff seems to tolerate it and not refuse service. I have seen many drop offs and pros sitting around talking to eachother about the tricks they turned that day.. with no regard to what small children may be around.

Thank you for pushing McDonalds and making it known they need to participate in cleaning up the neighborhood. Wendy's should be next!!!